This page contains members’ exclusive contents and all the perks, benefits, and discounts that come with being a LAUTECH Alumnus and a member of the LAAC.

Mentoring Programs

LAAC will soon be implementing a strategic mentoring program offering unique opportunities for existing members of the association to impact the life of new comers to the association and as well as young professionals who may be in need of career coaching and advice from time to time.

Member Dues

When completed, this link will allow LAAC members to pay their membership dues and also provide the opportunity for donors both internal and external to donate to our association, support our projects or any of the charity organizations that we support.


LAUTECH Alumni Association Canada Election 2021.

Members of the LAUTECH Alumni Association, Canada (LAAC) can access the 2021 election page by clicking the above image.

LAUTECH Transcripts

LAAC members can request their official academic transcripts records from LAUTECH from here. To access the LAUTECH Transcript Application Portal, click the image above.

LAAC Events

LAAC Members Directory