Meet Our Various Committees Serving
Several Different Functions

Welfare Committee

    • Coordinate, monitor and oversee the welfare of the members of the Association
    • Oversee social well-being of members and encourage friendliness among them
    • Reach out to new members and provide them with pertinent information to support their settlement in Canada
    • Recommend programs to enhance the welfare standard of members of the association
      • Members:
        1. Victor Adeboje – Alberta (Chairman)
        2. Kemi Agbele – Ontario
        3. Sola Oyatunji – Alberta
        4. Adekunmi Okelola – Alberta
        5. Alimat Giwa – Alberta
        6. Banji Ladapo – Ontario
        7. Temitope Yusuf – Alberta

Webinar Committee

    • Organize and coordinate regular webinars aiming at a minimum of once per quarter targeting a range of topics including, but not limited to, career and professional development, enlightenment, health and wellness, personal finance, and social and general development of members of the association.
    • Members:
      1. a) Damola Adeojo – Ontario (Chairman)
      2. b) Bukola Fadeyi – New Brunswick
      3. c) Damola Ibironke – Alberta

Social Committee

    • Organize all social activities of the association in conjunction with the executive committee.
    • Coordinate and arrange regular social activities, functions including but not limited to the association’s general conventions and reunions.
      • Members:
        1. a) Seyi Akinwale – Ontario (Chairman)
        2. b) Bukola Oni – Ontario
        3. c) Akin Vaughn – Ontario
        4. d) Akintunde Agbeja – Saskatchewan
        5. e) TBD